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About Us

We like what we're about and we hope you do too



Mission Statement

To Empower Engagement Between Companies And Prospective Talent

Our Vision

To fundamentally change the way technology leaders, human resources business partners and recruiting teams approach talent acquisition

Our Outward-Looking Values


Social Equality

We are a catalyst for social change. We empower clients to hire diverse talent.


People First

Care deeply about the people within our company, our partners and our clients


Empathetic Curiosity

It’s our path to authentic connections, meaningful relationships, and customer-centricity



Choose service over self-interest

Our Inward-Looking Values



Do what's right over what's easy



Delight customers and do impactful work



Deliver on commitments 

About Our Founder: Chris Barncastle

At work and at home there’s a shared philosophy of over-giving; that each person prioritizes service over self-interest and does more than their part.  B2 Talent Solutions Values are a reflection of my life at home.

I’ve got storybook DNA reunion experiences and someday they will have to all be put down in writing.

And then there are my tacos.  I make them for family and I deliver platters of them to neighbors on weekends.  If they are not the best you've ever tasted then I'm missed my mark.  

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