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Top 12 Recruitment Research Firms - 2020

Recruitment Research Firms List

The Recruitment Research Firms List below, has been created to help you easily identify the leading  in the industry.  This article was written to help you the consumer, determine which firm is right for you and enable you to engage the firms that best meet your needs.

Determine Your Recruitment Research Needs

Before you ask qualifying questions to determine which firms may be your best choice, spend time considering your particular recruitment research needs and requirements. 

  • Do you need talent data for specific positions or are you leading a workforce transformation? 
  • Is your goal to empower your internal recruiting team with an in-sourcing solution or do you need external help in candidate development and recruiting?
  • What type of competitive intelligence will you require? 
  • Are you seeking research that can empower your tactical approach for hiring new talent or studies and surveys for strategic decision-making? 
  • What types of talent engagement channels are most important to you (Direct line at the office, mobile number, personal email addresses, work email address, social media accounts)? 
  • Are your data needs at the executive level only, or do you need intelligence all the way down to individual contributors? 
  • Is your intent to utilize recruiting research to hire a more diverse workforce?

Understand How Recruitment Research Firms Differ

Companies are not set up to be all things to all customers.  Recruitment research firms are best when they live within their strength.  Your next step is to understand where each firm provides the greatest amount of value. 

  • What industries do they serve? 
  • Who do they cater to? 
  • Are there any specializations, areas of focus or domain expertise that they tout? 
  • Is their recruiting research only for executives or for entire departments? 
  • What type of competitive intelligence will they provide? 
  • What are their services? 
  • How are they priced? 
  • What is their methodology for the work they do? 
  • What types of engagement channels will they provide you? 

These all may be questions to consider when choosing the right recruiting research firm for you.

Top 12 Recruitment Research Firms List

Below is the list of the top 12 recruitment research firms of 2020 (In alphabetical order).


Details And Contact Information For Each Firm Are Listed Below


b2 Talent Solutions - Recruitment Research

b2 Talent Solutions 

Chris Barncastle - President

704.628.4090 x701

"Empowering engagement between companies and prospective talent. Embracing our role as a catalyst for social change. Fundamentally changing the way technology leaders, human resources business partners, and corporate recruiting teams approach talent acquisition." - Chris Barncastle


Corporate Navigators - Recruitment Research

Corporate Navigators

Mitch Golob - President

(312) 751-2100

"Corporate Navigators provides telephone driven recruiting research within two business days, with guaranteed accuracy for our Fortune 500 and executive search clients who demand nothing less than a real-time picture of the organizations we map. Our reach is global, working in Technology, Pharma & Biotech, Financial Services, and all major industries." - Mitch Golob


Duffy Group -  Recruitment Research

Duffy Group

Georgia Musgrave - VP, Strategic Initiatives

(602) 652-8640

Per Duffy Group's website, they offer an unbundled approach for clients to select the service level that best fits your needs along with a flexible pricing model that enables clients to pay only for services performed.


Intellerati - Recruitment Research


Krista Bradford - CEO


Per Intellerati's website, they conduct executive-level candidate sourcing and provide targeted recruitment research.  They serve as a seamless extension of internal executive recruiting and talent acquisition teams, delivering market intelligence to inform executive recruiting strategy.


IQ Talent Partners - Recruitment Research

IQ Talent Partners

David Windley - CEO


"IQTalent Partners is a professional services firm that focuses on finding, assessing and hiring key talent for your organization. We can partner with your in-house team, providing support where and when you need it; or build and manage your complete in-house function with our consultants." - David Windley


Lakeview Research - Recruitment Research

Lakeview Research

Elizabeth Johnston - Director of Research

(312) 533-2262

Per their website, Lakeview focuses on producing a competitive advantage for recruiters, corporate hiring authorities and professional services organizations by identifying, sourcing and developing passive candidates, covering all industry sectors and functional areas.


Qualigence International - Recruitment Research

Qualigence International

Devin Jaroslawski - SVP, Global Business Development

(877) 817-6861 Ext 267

Per their website, Qualigence provides recruitment research for custom projects as well as ready-to-download lists of talent and serve the Financial Services, Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Sales and Life Sciences industries.


Recruitment Intelligence - Recruitment ResearchRecruitment Intelligence 

Gregg Podalsky - President And Founder

(954) 342-0550

"Recruitment Intelligence™ is enabling companies of all sizes to secure the data necessary to hire the most qualified professionals in the market place, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies and staffing firms." - Gregg Podalsky


Reveal Global - Recruitment Research

Reveal Global

Marc Hutto - Founder, Chief Encouragement Officer


“As a former customer of traditional recruiting firms and other models, I was convinced I could help many more companies, large and small, with a unique, counterintuitive approach which would deliver greater Quality, Quantity, Speed, and Diversity, at a better Cost.”



RW Stearns - Recruitment Research

RW Stearns

Brian Oxenham - Principal

415-593-1000 x107

"Our firm specializes in recruitment research & org mapping services across all industries. Having roots in the tech sector, our dominant vertical more recently has been Pharma/Biotech. We excel in mapping out full org structures (incl. FTE allocation) not only for TA, but also succession planning & benchmark studies (CI)." - Brian Oxenham


SGA Talent - Recruitment Research

SGA Talent

Sheila Greco - Chief Executive Office


Per their website, SGA Talent is a partner to both corporate recruiters and executive search firms.  They help create robust talent pools for their clients and state that their expertise is in using the telephone to map out talent from all industries.


Thorn Network - Recruitment Research

Thorn Network

Amanda Piriano - Managing Director

(214) 441-3734

"Thorn is a generalist firm that sources passive corporate talent, with a focus on HR, finance, engineering/ops, sales, marketing, and exec search in manufacturing, CPG, financial, waste, and higher ed. Thorn’s data/candidates are provided via online tools that provides real-time competitive intelligence." - Amanda Piriano


Always Request A Sample Of The Recruitment Research

So now you've identified and created a short-list of recruiting research firms to engage.  You've prioritized your needs and requirements.  You're satisfied with the questions you've posed to select firms as well as the answer's you've received.  The most important step now is to request a recruitment research sample based upon your specific requirements.  This will give you the greatest level of intelligence about what you're buying and empower you to determine which firm's recruiting research methodology and output best meets your needs.




About Christopher Barncastle

Christopher is the President of B2 Talent Solutions, a recruitment research, and executive search firm. His focus every day is to fundamentally change the way technology leaders, human resources business partners, and recruiting teams approach talent acquisition, all while improving social equality.