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What is Recruiting Research?

recruiting research


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Recruiting research is the act of aggregating data, in other words, pulling data from different sources, validating that data and segmenting, or coupling it with original research. We then package the data in a way that is actionable for our clients. Put it this way, if there's a company that has an idea of where they'd like to see talent come from, we can hand them a digital book and say, here's where the talent is and here's how you reach them.

A story we commonly hear, from either a technology executive or HR leadership, goes something like this;

You know Chris, we're going through a major technology transformation and it’s mission critical for our organization. We’re bringing in a whole slew of new talent that has the expertise that we need moving forward and this is going to realign and obliterate our org chart. The challenge for us is, if we don't keep pace with the hires that we need to make, then we have all these interdependent projects which can fall behind. There's a cascading effect in one area that would blend into another.”

Another challenge that we hear is;

“We have this idea of where we'd like to see talent from, but we're not getting the traction. We’re running the ads and recruiting on LinkedIn, but we're still not seeing those people come in to us that we would want to see. The timeline for transformation can be impacted by this. We also hear, oh by the way, we'd like to bring more women into technology. We'd also like to hire a more ethnically diverse workforce, and to boot I don't have the money to go outside and utilize third-party vendors to attack this entire portfolio of opportunities that we have. As an HR leader or as a technology leader running this transformation, I'm left with this large set of problems and nobody's coming to me with a solution for this.”

 B2 Talent Solutions has a solution.

When should an organization invest in Recruiting Research?

As an organization is going through a transformation, commonly there have been frontrunner companies that have already gone through the same type of transformation. Usually when looking to hire for this transformation, companies will say, I want to bring on people that have been to the mountain. I want someone who can show us the way, or how to get there, and these companies here have already done that. Let's pull from these particular companies.

We actually go in and talent map those organizations and those departments so that you can see who resides within each of those departments. We show you the reporting structure, but then the magical part to this is that we provide you with what we call the Engagement Channels. We provide a way to actually reach out and touch that person via:

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers – work, personal, mobile
  • social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts

We provide the various ways for you to actually touch somebody.

If you look at recruiting in three different aspects, identification, engagement and interaction, this takes identification off the table. This takes engagement and adds jet fuel to it for your internal recruiting team. They can then focus on attraction and telling the company's compelling story as to why this talent should come on-board.

Who is a good fit for Recruiting Research?

Recruiting research is good for any company that has a very defined idea of where they want to see talent from. It's for companies that would like to augment a single search. It's for companies that have an entire portfolio of opportunities they wish to fill. Recruiting Research allows us to go in and talent map those specified organizations and provide that to the client.

Research Recruiting is also very good for organizations that are having challenges with their current recruiting efforts, whether it be through LinkedIn or other sources. They may have a whole portfolio of people they want to contact but they don't know how to. We provide assistance there as well.

Who is not a good fit for Recruiting Research?

Not everybody needs a targeted approach that's data-driven like this. Sometimes organizations can function just fine by running ads and they can pull the appropriate talent. Other times, there might be pockets of individuals that are not relevant within any particular company.

Some companies feel more comfortable having outsourced third parties take over their entire recruiting process. That's not something that we're doing here.

Research Recruiting is for identification and to add jet fuel to the engagement. At the end of the day, your internal recruiting team is going to execute against that data. We give them the right tools to do that.

About Christopher Barncastle

Christopher is the President of B2 Talent Solutions, a recruitment research, and executive search firm. His focus every day is to fundamentally change the way technology leaders, human resources business partners, and recruiting teams approach talent acquisition, all while improving social equality.