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Retained Search

A dedicated approach to your identifying, engaging and hiring specialized talent

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Recruiting research drives success for retained search

Identifying and engaging the right talent is the cornerstone for success


Through recruiting research a customized pool of talent is identified.  This talent set contains the relevant skills and qualifications needed for your role and comes from appropriate companies and sectors.   


It's never enough to merely point out talent.  You must engage the best talent before you can attract them to your organization.  Recruiting research empowers engagement with the right people for each search.



Our Methodology

1. Engagement launch

  • Understand your business strategy and unique needs
  • Establish priorities
  • Create position and candidate specification

2. Recruiting Research

  • Defines research strategy
  • Develop a long list of potential candidate prospects

3. Attract Candidates

  • Engage candidate prospects through recruiting research engagement channels
  • Persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities

4. Evaluate Candidates

  • Competency-based interviews
  • 360-degree references
  • Predictive psychometric testing with Hogan Assessments. We are certified to interpret the results of the Hogan Personality inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

5. Present the talent 

  • Present the most qualified candidates against the specifications and testing

6. Complete the Search 

  • Consistent communication with the client and placement during the transition period
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys to improve service and refine the approach
  • Periodically follow up with client and candidate once the search is closed

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Retained Search Services

A data-driven & research-based approach to your search uncovers proven talent not found through other methods.

Performance-based pricing ensures that you get what you pay for

Industry statistics show that only two-thirds of retained searches end successfully.  Our pricing model reduces your risk against unsuccessful searches.

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We can also help you determine if recruiting research is an appropriate option