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Recruiting Research For Supermarkets

Solve your talent acquisition challenges with recruiting research for Supermarket industry transformations


You face many talent acquisition challenges within your supermarket transformation that vary by department

Supermarkets are embracing microservices, cloud, AI, blockchain, and edge analytics. Hiring upskilled talent to drive your change is only one of many challenges within your departments.

  • IT leadership may need to keep their hiring cadence consistent with their roadmap, reduce overall spend or decrease reliance on consultants.  
  • HRBPs may seek to simplify the talent acquisition process or improve D&I hiring results. 
  • Corporate recruiting’s focus may be to improve recruiting metrics or provide additional insights to leadership for better decision making. 

All of these concerns are addressed when you use recruiting research.

Recruiting Research For Your Team


Receive a customized pool of supermarket technology talent

Recruiting research identifies talent with skills in the technologies you’re adopting. This talent understands your changing methodology. They understand what your corporate culture needs to look like.  

They will champion the necessary change and attract others like themselves to your organization. This talent will share the lessons they’ve learned from prior transformations and get you to reach your end goals faster.

Create Your Custom Talent Pool


Engage your custom talent pool to jumpstart your transformation

The majority of talent in the market is passive; not actively seeking new opportunities. Once identified, engaging them is the hurdle. 

They have not provided email addresses (work and personal), phone numbers (mobile and office), or social media accounts (GitHub, Twitter, etc.) to reach them.  

Recruiting research empowers your team with these engagement channels and enables you to attract the best candidates from your custom talent pool.

Empower Your Engagement


Ongoing support as your customized talent pool and your operating model evolves

Leading supermakets are continuously evolving.  Your changing processes, methodology, organizational structure, and culture directly influence your choices of who to hire.  Ongoing support delivers continuous original research in response to your evolving talent requirements.  

With ongoing support, you will always have the most up to date information on the best candidates.

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Recruiting research benefits several of your departments

People are the driving force for your workforce transformation.  Although hiring the right talent is paramount for everyone, this is not your only challenge. 

Supermarkets now have better options in recruiting

A research-based approach gives you the insight and power to hire for your entire transformation or select executive vacancies

Recruiting Research & Data

You’ve researched the processes and enabling technologies for your transformation.  What about the people?

Recruiting Research Services

Retained Search

See how a data-driven approach to finding the right leadership makes a difference for you

Retained Search Service

Improve the quality, efficiency, demographics, and cost of your hiring

See how recruiting research can change the way you approach talent acquisition